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Frontend Software Engineer, Delivery & Services, Group Digital, Ingka Group

Amsterdam, North Holland - Explore location IT & Digital Solutions Full Time

Job description

We are looking for passionate Frontend Engineers who love to be part of small but growing team making a big impact in the huge IKEA landscape. We are creating the new digital IKEA from scratch, with all the challenges that come with it. If that makes your eyes shine, let’s definitely have a chat!


You will be part of an agile product team that aims to deliver best in class software to our customers (that can be IKEA co-worker, the IKEA customer or our suppliers). You will be part of the Delivery & Services Management. We are responsible for managing the delivery and services partners work within the last steps of the customer buying journey. Simply said, that includes checking the availability of delivery companies, execution of the delivery and additional services (like assembly of furniture), and finally the payment of the partner! In this journey you will be co-responsible for that last part, where we pay the providers based on the executed orders, which is called Settlement.


We are looking for an entrepreneurial developer, capable of being productive in a dynamic environment where we are still building up our foundations. We have a lot of experimentation and we would love to leverage your knowledge and experiences while we build our software products.

To strive in our team, you have to be fluent with JavaScript and/or TypeScript. Our current tech stack is mainly an Angular app (relying on RxJS for the reactive part) in a monorepo controlled by Nx dev tools. This app is then deployed to our Kubernetes Cluster in GCP. Currently, we are also experimenting with micro frontends and Webpack 5's Module Federation feature to inject micro frontends crafted with React or even Vue into our main Angular app. For the tests we are using Jest and Cypress but experience with any unit testing and e2e testing framework is welcome. Experience with NodeJS or NestJS is a good to have and familiarity with the design system concept and some CSS skills will be an additional asset. But most importantly, we are looking for the open-minded developers who are not bound to just one framework or just one way of doing things, as we create our own!


You will be part of a global company with a great culture and an inspiring vision “to create a better everyday life for the many people” for customers, but also for our co-workers and the people who work at our suppliers/partners.

Some of the perks that we offer:

- A shiny new workplace in Amsterdam with healthy snacks available for free and, obviously, furnished with IKEA furniture. A place where you can be yourself!

- Proper gear for you to do your job (high-end mac or windows laptop and an iOS or android phone)

- A balance between work from home and work from the office that fits your life and your team needs

- Continuous learning on the job with access to the main training platforms

- Co-worker discount at IKEA stores

- Generous pension scheme

- Opportunity to put your mark in the transformation of IKEA


The role is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you have any questions about the position, please reach out to hiring manager, Fabio Fonseca, at

If you have any questions about the recruitment process, please reach out to Calum McMahon at

Please note that we will be interviewing continuously. We look forward to hearing from you!