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Meeting Place Assistant

Changsha, Hunan - Explore location Operation Expansion Full Time

Job description

• Driving Performance - Provides guidance and feedback to maximize performance of individuals and/or groups.
• Relationship building - Develops virtual and other collaborative relationships to facilitate current and future objectives.
• Reliability - Performs work in a reliable, consistent, and timely manner.
• Positive attitude: Displays a positive disposition towards work.
• Inspire others -Ability to connect and support emotions and meaningfulness for the individual and through that engaging people to contribute and perform.
• Verbal communication-Expresses ideas and opinions effectively in spoken conversations.
• Emotional intelligence-Ability to connect and support emotions and meaningfulness for the individual and through that engaging people to contribute and perform.

Cross function coordination and management team supporting:

• Lead and participate in projects and assignments, which are supporting the purpose of the Meeting Place, e.g. Community engagement, People in Centres
• Provide administrative support by organising relevant meetings: room bookings, preparing agenda and pre-read, printing material create PPT presentations & translations, writing meeting minutes and follow up on actions and decisions
• Follow up cross function tasks and coordinate accordingly when necessary
• Organize cross function meeting/event, support on meeting participants traffic and accommodation arrangement, and prepare presentation PPT when needed
• Prepare presentation (PPT) for centre manager

Internal communication:
• Coordinate informational flow in a structured and efficient way. Constantly work on improving administrative procedures and processes
• Organize and coordinate co-worker information meeting, kick off meeting, take part in annual co-worker meeting and ensure the key message was getting through in the Centre.
• Be the owner of IKEA Centres Communication (local email), manage corridor notice board, design internal communication poster(email) when needed and update on time
• Update MP information on IKEA inside when needed
• Develop and maintain tools of internal communication (such as MP communication board / office communication etc.)
• Support for employer branding / sustainability / crisis management etc.
• Being contact window for SO communication for information sharing and updating
Government window:

• Assist other functions in government relationship maintenance
• Government required reports and documents preparation

Office Administration:

• Administrative support to the team: secure e.g. updated distribution lists (internal & external), common folder and workplace, access to various systems, as well as archiving of documents and common storage
• Secure practicalities like phone, computer, all systems to new and existing co-workers, access to the Office
• Stationery, office needs(small assets, consumption goods, Tissue, magazine, drinking water, FIKA, Friday breakfast) & IT consumables purchase and storage management
• Office renovation, Work environment improvement (Air condition detection, furniture purchase, soft decoration, furniture cloth cleaning following, facility repair ordering) to offer a safe, modern and inspiring working place to co-workers
• Ensure good performance of devices, appropriate tools and appearance of the office, meeting rooms and staff canteen
• Company car management(Insurance, timely maintenance, cost & fee following/ reimbursement, journey record checking, car booking coordination)
• Petty cash management, budget prepare and follow up
• Greeting visitors and answer phone calls