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Control Room Coworker

Dhahran, Eastern Province - Explore location Health & Safety Full Time

Job description

  • Operate the telephone switch board in the professional manner using the proper language .& dialogue communication.
  • Makes the store announcement as per the schedule & do manual paging as needed.
  • Monitor the traffic at the staff entrance allowing only staff members and authorize persons.
  • Mange the store visitors as per the company policy.
  • Insure smooth opening and closing for the store.
  • Responsible about the store keys and handle the distribution for it .
  • Monitor the fire control panel and take the needed action for any alert.
  • Coordinate with emergency team during emergency cases.


Diploma and experience in a similar function is preferred. 

More Information
  • Must be able to communicate in English & Arabic.
  • Must have leadership skills.
  • Computer literary.