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Khimki, Moscow Oblast - Explore location Logistics & Supply Chain Full Time

Job description

Company description

IKEA Purchasing and Logistics is the organization that forms a link between the factory floor and the products on IKEA store shelves. We work with 1600 Suppliers all over the world for home furnishing, transport, logistics and distribution services, components and food.

Job description

About you

·        You have logistic knowledge from university and/or working experience

·        You have strong knowledge of supply chain cost drivers from raw material to customer

·        You speak fluent in English and have strong writing English skills

·        You have strong knowledge of Supply chain logistics including different replenishment, delivery solutions and inventory management

·        You have good understanding of capacity planning, Supplier Logistics, transportation and purchasing

·        You are proactive and analytical

·        You can identify and implement new solutions and to optimize the existing ones

·        You can create and support a good working relationship with suppliers and other supply chain colleagues

·        You are capable of dealing with multiple tasks under time pressure

·        You have strong communication and ability to work through others

·        You are interested in understanding the reality at factory floor

About the job

·        You will assure that agreed business setups are updated in the systems

·        You will follow-up, analyse and take actions to continuously improve supplier delivery performance and assure goods are shipped in time from suppliers

·        You will define the signal level for capacity exceptions and working towards exceptions

·        You will identify, implement and maintain the best logistical offer at the sales place from suppliers by working actively with replenishment solutions, lead times to make sure goods reaching the store with lowest possible cost

·        You will secure correct supply information to and from supplier and IKEA in such quality that it can be used directly towards the customers

·        You will work closely with IKEA suppliers to provide them with relevant training and working methods, in order to support their development to the required performance levels

·        You will lead, encourage and support supplier with SDP (supplier development project) way of working that Supplier takes ownership for its own logistic

·        You will proactively work with alarm /early warning systems to detect and prevent deviations from goals

·        You will actively contribute for best set-up of news/outgoing/activity items

·        You will do daily troubleshooting and at the same time find solutions to avoid similar future problems/

More Information

The recruitment will take place continuously so please send in your application in English as soon as possible but no later than June 15th

If you have any questions about  recruitment process, please contact Lalita Velchinskaia

Relocation package is not applicable.

If you want to be part of something big, this could be the right challenge for you. We are looking forward to getting to know you soon!