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Mobile Senior/Software Engineer, Skapa Design System, Group digital

Malmö, Skåne County - Explore location IT & Digital Solutions Full Time

Job description

Hej! (Swedish for Hi)

In IKEA, we are looking for a passionate mobile Senior/Software Engineer who is excited about technology and innovative ways of working and want to be a part of shaping the future of IKEA!
You may know IKEA from the furniture we sell, but there is much more happening in the background. Our vision of “creating a better everyday life for the many people” needs to be supported by amazing software systems, and we would like to ask if you want to be a part of this.
Our team is responsible for developing the digital design system that powers user interfaces for both our customers and co-workers across IKEA.


At IKEA, you’re welcome no matter where you come from, what you believe, and what you look like. We don’t even care how you have furnished your home. We’re interested in you simply because you’re you. Our different views, backgrounds, and personalities make us better understand our customers, give us more fun at work and spark more and better ideas. Perhaps your unique take on something could lead to a great idea that creates a better everyday life for the many people!


At Group Digital, we set the digital agenda to keep IKEA leading in an uncertain and fast-moving environment. We drive the development, provision and operation of our digital products and services through the use of new and existing technology and agile delivery methods to deliver at pace. At the same time, we provide a home for digital skills to both develop and extend the technical, people and business skills needed to ensure continuous development and growth of our digital capability.
Our design system team is based in Sweden and the Netherlands and further afield. We work to improve every aspect of users’ experience when using IKEA’s digital systems, with our mobile applications having tens of millions of users.
We work in feature-focused agile sub-teams. Each team is equally split between Designers and both web and mobile Software Engineers, who collaborate on making sure that features and functionality are available to all of our digital channels. You can work on what you’re good at and like, from frontend iOS and Android, to packaging and ops work. Our mobile components use modern SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose.


We are looking for a passionate mobile Senior/Software Engineer for IKEA’s design system team!

As a person you have a proven ability to develop high quality code in Swift / SwiftUI for iOS or Kotlin / Jetpack Compose for Android, using and encouraging good practices.
• You have a curious nature and actively acquire new knowledge, skills, champion new methods, digital systems and processes to improve performance.
• Being curious will enable you to change direction based on new ideas, approaches and strategies.
• You will be empowered to work in an agile way and make continuous improvements within the software engineering function.
• Encouraging simplicity, efficiency, ownership, and accountability makes it easy to collaborate with others to achieve our common goals.

To be successful as a mobile Senior/Software Engineer you have advanced training in computer science or similar experience through keeping up with current best practices in your areas of expertise. You get energized by delivering high quality software that focuses on meeting the many needs of our user. Additionally, you have demonstrable experience in working in an agile setup where you own both the development, quality assurance and maintenance of the deliverables. If you have also worked with packaging and devops processes that is considered a plus.

The IKEA culture and values are very much a part of our business and day to day work life. For you to thrive and grow with IKEA it’s important for us that you share our values! You can read more regarding our values and life at IKEA on our website


As a mobile Senior/Software Engineer, your main responsibilities will include:
• the development, quality assurance and maintenance of high-quality, secure and accessible code for the native mobile components for the IKEA digital design system (Swift and SwiftUI, and / or Kotlin / Jetpack Compose)
• applying and adhere to good practice software engineering practices (e.g. DRY principles, continuous integration, automated tests, pair programming, code reviews) within an agile/iterative development approach
• providing support, guidance and mentorship as needed to other members of the team
• contributing to the continuous development of standards against which software development should take place as well as exploring and bringing in new technologies to boost innovation and development productivity
• working closely together with designers and developers, both inside and outside the team, to produce digital solutions that meet user and business needs.

What do we offer
Most companies will try to entice you with great salaries and an awesome office location. We have all of that, but that’s not the main dish, that’s just the entree. As the main course, we want to constantly challenge you as an engineer. This is what we have for you:

• A direct impact on the lives of the many people. With us, you will be challenged to create solutions that have direct customer impact. Not only for our customers but our colleagues worldwide.
• A smile, on every customer's face, when they use IKEA’s digital systems.
• A challenging work environment, where technical excellence and collaboration are key, and fun is a must.

This role is based in Malmö, Sweden.


Studies show that members of underrepresented communities don’t apply for jobs unless they’re 100% “qualified”. If this is part of the reason you hesitate to apply, we like you to reconsider and give it a chance. Maybe your profile fits our needs much better than you think. We look forward to receiving your application.

From: “Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified” by Tara Sophia Mohr, August 2014”

If you have any questions about the position, please reach out to hiring manager Robin Whittleton at
If you have any questions about the recruitment process, please reach out to Usha Rao at

Warmly welcome with your application!

We’re the ones who make it possible for people to have a smarter life at home and a hassle-free and rewarding shopping experience. Together we work to find new digital solutions for every business need to help make IKEA a great and efficient place to work. We like to think of ourselves as innovative and modern, and we believe that nothing would actually work without us.