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Wuhan, Hubei - Explore location Finance, Accounting & Tax Full Time

Job description


• IKEA concept, culture and values – Knowledge of IKEAs corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people, to ensure right representation
• IT - Good knowledge of MS OFFICE 365
• Administration procedures- Knowledge of how to administrate documents, issues and processes in an IKEA environment
• Local meeting place - Knowledge about the local meeting place business and ways of working to ensure ways of supporting and leading IKEA people in the meeting place, and business results.
• Financial systems-Knowledge of how to oversee and control financial data using finance software and tools
• Professional ethic and morality in finance field

• 电脑知识-办公室软件365
• 行政程序-如何管理文档,事件,流程管理
• 当地聚会中心-知道当地聚会中心业务,如何工作去支持和引导,并带来好的业务结果
• 财务系统-具有利用财务软件和工具如何预见和管理财务数据的知识
• 财务领域伦理道德


• Responsible for charge of cash and monetary transactions with bank, and prepare daily report of cash and banking
• Assist accountants to reconcile and indentify the cash in & out with the accurate transactions and accounts.
• Record the cash in and out in the concerned system or forms
• Issue receipts & invoices base on payment from tenants or the third parties
• Supervise and handover consignment sales
• Assist accountants to collect and organize original document
• Assist accountants to issue payment notice to tenants
• Assist accountants to file financial documents include voucher and contract etc.
• Assist accountants to manage receipts & invoices include purchase,issue, Inventory
• At the end of each month, make an inventory of cash and cheque, and submit cheque usage table;Ensure the safety of the company cash
• Any other tasks/projects as assigned by team leader"
"• 负责现金、银行存款的收支往来结算及其他银行相关业务,每天登记现金及银行日报表
• 协助会计确认收付款项之归属
• 在相关系统或表格中正确维护收付款
• 根据收款开具收据、发票
• 监督、交接联营营业款
• 协助会计做好各种原始凭证的收集整理工作
• 协助会计邮寄付款通知至租户
• 协助会计做好财务归档工作,包括凭证、合同等
• 协助会计管理收据、发票,包括购买、开具、盘点
• 月末盘点现金、支票,提交支票使用情况表;确保公司资金安全
• 完成上级交给的其它事务性工作

We see ourselves as influencers – we steer the IKEA business by finding the truth behind the figures. Together we secure compliance with local and international laws and reporting standards; we assure that accounting processes are efficient and that tax compliance meets business needs. We’re a diverse group of people driven by providing reliable financial data to a wide variety of stakeholders. At the end of the day, that’s one of the foundations to make IKEA even better!